Penny Arcade
Consistently brilliant. Perhaps the best comic on the web.


This is one of the best comic directories you'll find. Good to browse through if you need other reading - but then, why would you?

Studio 491

Dante's other creative output, producing in-game movies using Battlefield. Funny stuff.

Something Positive
Impressively sarcastic. This is the kind of thing we tried to do with the old comic (see below), only better.

Malice's Restaurant
This is the first webcomic Dante and I did. There are two periods - good art (when Scott, a high school friend, drew) and bad art (moi). We weren't brilliant, but there are quite a few strips Dante and I are proud of.

Antihero for Hire
Two different comics by the same author/artist, Mark Swallow aka Webrunner. The first is a parody of RPG video games and hilarious if that's your thing. The second is a parody of vigilante comics - joining us in fighting the good fight.

Bob the Angry Flower
Quite possibly the geekiest comic on the net, and a personal favorite. In fact, there are references to it as early as our second strip. Spot them if you can, and then get a life.


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