June 19, 2004 - Yes, we, who brought you Malice's Restaurant, bring you now a new comic. It's just like the old, except completely different. For one, I personally think I drew better this time around. Second, we realize that it's foolish to even make a pretense of a regular update schedule. Finally, it's about superheroes. Very, very silly superheroes. Incompetent, one might say. This has been done before - in Psychic Dyslexia Institute, for one, and we certainly won't be as funny as Batman and Robin, but we'd like to think our work will provide some amusement to those who just can't stop laughing at Superfriends, not to mention Thundercats. This week's strip is just a setup - if you're patient, it will get much much better.
June 26, 2004 - Today marks the debut of some new site features - a character database, most notably. However, that's not what I'm here to talk to you about (though you should check them out). It's also Wimbledon week, but I'm not here to throw out crazy predictions for winners (Henman, Sharapova), or to talk about tennis at all. I'm not here to talk about movies (damn, I, Robot is going to suck), nor will I discuss videogames (can't wait for City of Villains). My artistic blindspots - like women, movement, legs, hair, and persepective - are not on the floor this week. I'm not even here to talk about politics (as a sign in my dorm said, Vote Cthulu - why choose the lesser of two evils?). No, no, no - I'm here to talk about sex. So here we go.

What's it like?

July 3, 2004 - I think the strip came out well. If it is not our proudest moment, then this is only because we are proud of all our moments. Except when I woke up naked in the lions' den at the zoo and had to go out to ask the embarrassed passersby for clothes. But even then, I suppose, I felt a kind of pride all around me - a pride of lions. A terrible pun? Yes, but I'm proud of it.

July 10, 2004 - If you have ever read our old strip, Malice's Restaurant, then you know that we I always used to take the easy way out. Well, I for one am sick of always taking the easy way out. So you see the articulated fingers in today's first panel? Now you can never ever say that Tristen always took the easy way out. I did that for you.

July 17, 2004 - By now it surely is a truism to say that The Journeymen is the best thing to happen to baseball since the Toronto Blue Jays. However, could we be perhaps even greater than the greatest Canadian team ever to play in America's national pastime? Let's find out in a point=by-point comparison.

  • Pitching
    • Blue Jays - Roger Clemens, pitching for the Jays, won two Cy Youngs and thoroughly rebuffed those who'd claimed his career was over.
    • The Journeymen - Scalawag threw peanuts at Trespasser, triggering an allergic reaction.
    • Edge - The Blue Jays.
  • The Canada Factor
    • Blue Jays - Based in Toronto.
    • The Journeymen - Tristen went to Niagra Falls once.
    • Edge - Toronto, although when Canada's involved everyone loses.
  • The World Series
    • Blue Jays - Won in 1992 and 1993.
    • The Journeymen - Has never won, but Tristen lived in Cincinatti when the Reds won in 1990.
    • Edge - The Blue Jays.
  • Overall - Have to give it to the Jays. But there's no shame in coming up second to the most storied franchise in all of Canadian baseball. Congratulations, Toronto, you're better than we are!

August 6, 2004 - As you may recall, I previously listed 6 reasons why reading The Journeymen is better than sex with a cow heart hooked up to a battery to simulate a human vagina. Here are reasons 7 through 11:
7. Revealing that you read our comic won't make people cringe and subsequently avoid you. Unless they've read the comic, too.
8. Our comic has zero chance of expecting a commitment afterwards.
9. While the risk of electrocution is greater, our comic produces vastly superior orgasms.
10. We make silly lists.
11. We're the best thing to happen to baseball since the Toronto Blue Jays, with the cow heart a distant fifth.

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